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Chapter 1: EMS Systems
Chapter 2: Workforce Safety and Wellness
Chapter 3: Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
Chapter 4: Communications and Documentation
Chapter 5: The Human Body
Chapter 6: Life Span Development
Chapter 7: Principles of Pharmacology
Chapter 8: Vascular Access and Medication Administration
Chapter 9: Patient Assessment
Chapter 10: Airway Management
Chapter 11: Shock
Chapter 12: BLS Resuscitation
Chapter 13: Medical Overview
Chapter 14: Respiratory Emergencies
Chapter 15: Cardiovascular Emergencies
Chapter 16: Neurologic Emergencies
Chapter 17: Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies
Chapter 18: Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies
Chapter 19: Immunologic Emergencies
Chapter 20: Toxicologic Emergencies
Chapter 21: Psychiatric Emergencies
Chapter 22: Gynecologic Emergencies
Chapter 23: Trauma Overview
Chapter 24: Bleeding
Chapter 25: Soft-Tissue Injuries
Chapter 26: Face and Neck Injuries
Chapter 27: Head and Spine Injuries
Chapter 28: Chest Injuries
Chapter 29: Abdomen and Genitourinary Injuries
Chapter 30: Orthopaedic Injuries
Chapter 31: Environmental Emergencies
Chapter 32: Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
Chapter 33: Pediatric Emergencies
Chapter 34: Geriatric Emergencies
Chapter 35: Patients With Special Challenges
Chapter 36: Lifting and Moving Patients
Chapter 37: Transport Operations
Chapter 38: Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue
Chapter 39: Incident Management
Chapter 40: Terrorism Response and Disaster Management